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  The color of our limestone is basically silver-gray with medium-gray streaking and some buff spotting.

These markings are caused by variations in the material deposited when limestone is formed.  Sometimes even crystals are included.  When it is cut and honed, this shading, spotting and streaking becomes even more apparent and gives the stone a great deal of character.  It is especially beautiful in Vanity Tops and Fireplace Hearths.  Some samples are shown below.


Spots and Streaks


The stone has been "Beam Tested" at the University of Arkansas and "The specimens indicated a strong "Modulus-of-Rupture" greater than most Portland cement concrete mixes."  Another "Crushing Test" at the U.S. Arsenal at Watertown, Mass. stated "These tests show the stone to be of exceptional strength."  More significantly, the stone has stood the "Test of Time" as many buildings in Eureka Springs, Arkansas were built in the late 1800's and early 1900's with stone from this region and they remain intact more than a century later.